Wesley Hills

Village Officials & Departments


Village Clerk

Responsible for record keeping and all aspects of Village Hall management.
To contact the Village Hall, call 354-0400 or e-mail: villageclerk@wesleyhills.org


The treasurer is an appointed official. He keeps and maintains the village accounts as regulated by the New York State.

Village Attorney

  • Ben Selig, Esq. - Village Attorney with responsibility for the Village Board
  • Frank Brown, Esq. - Deputy Village Attorney with responsibility for the Planning Board
  • Jeffrey Fortunato - Assistant Village Attorney - Village Prosecutor
  • Doris Ulman, - Assistant Village Attorney with responsibility for the Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Jan Ulman, - Assistant Village Attorney

Village Court

Planning Board

Zoning Board

Building Department

The Building Department issues building permits and performs the inspections.

Fire Inspector

Code Enforcement Officer

The code enforcement officer is responsible for ensuring compliance with village codes, such as property maintenance, signs and parking.

Engineering Consultant

  • Brian Brooker

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